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Coasterz 'n' Canyonz Blog Day 20

Only one thing left for it - finish on a high! Not too sure what the time is - left New Zealand yesterday afternoon, gained 5 hours, flew for 11, arrived before midnight in Kuala Lumpar, had 4 hours sleep, flew to Macau at 6am this morning, arrived Macau Tower just before lunch. In case you are wondering - all that New Zealand stuff was training for today - the WORLDS HIGHEST BUNGY - 233m / 764 ft off the Macau Tower. As with the start of the trip, the weather on the last day was not dissimilar to the first - cloudy, windy and limited visibility, much like a typical British summer's day!

The Macau TowerThe Macau Tower. You can just make out the top area from the ground, but can't see the mast on the top.
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The Macau Tower currently offers three activities, a Bungy, Sky Walk and Sky Jump (similar to Auckland Tower). Here, someone is descending Sky Jump style.

Macau Tower BungyFrom below, you can just make out the jump platform
Macau Tower Bungy 
Macau Tower BungyThe weather worsens as the day goes on.
Macau Tower Bungy 
Macau Tower BungyViewing Platform

From the top, the views of Macau are limited due to the weather...

Macau Tower Bungy 

but still gives a good sense of height.

Macau Tower BungyTime to check in...
Macau Tower BungyAdrian get's ready for his Bungy..
Macau Tower Bungyand listens to the instructions intensely!
Macau Tower BungyThat's supposed to be a smile for the camera!
Macau Tower BungyNow he's starting to cry!
Macau Tower BungyTime for one last smile....
Macau Tower Bungyand one last cry!
Macau Tower BungyAnd Bungy.................
Macau Tower Bungy 
Macau Tower BungyJust about see the ground from the top.

In actual fact, the limited view was a blessing in disguise - we're sure the lead up to the jump would be more terrifying with good visibility. Having said that, the jump is the same whatever the weather.

Macau Tower BungyIan looks more relaxed....
Macau Tower Bungy 
Macau Tower Bungyand raises a real smile!
Macau Tower BungyAlthough off-camera tells a different story!
Macau Tower BungyOne last smile.
Macau Tower BungyWOW - they get you very close to the edge before jumping!
Macau Tower Bungy3..2..1...Bungy............
Macau Tower Bungy 
Macau Tower BungyThis is the last photo in a series where Ian is visible on the way down!

Adrian calls it a day, but Ian's just getting going. Having completed all other Sky jumps in the world, he needs Macau to complete the set. We watch this person descend, then it's Ian's turn.

Macau SkyJump 
Macau SkyJump 
Macau SkyJumpThe locals seem impressed!
Macau SkyJump 
Macau SkyJumpIan with his new-found fame !

And as if that wasn't enough - time for a Sky Walk.

Macau SkyWalk 
Macau SkyWalkNot quite as frightening as Auckland's because of the limited visibility. It was, however, a personal tour of the tower.
Macau SkyWalkAnd time to see another bungy from a unique perspective.
Macau SkyWalkIt was great not to have to wear the standard Sky Jump and Walk suites on the activities (as long as the T-shirt was worn).
Macau SkyWalkShow off!
Macau SkyWalkToo much now!
Macau SkyWalkThe (closed for refurbishment) tower climb in the background.
Macau SkyWalkHard to believe it's so far down!
Macau SkyWalkGetting the "hang" of it!
Macau SkyWalk'nuff said
Macau SkyWalkIan celebrates his double-figures bungy jump (his 10th).

So, 20 days of extreme activity comes to an end. We would like to thank everyone for their kind words of support and encouragement along the way and hope you enjoyed the blog as much as we did writing it.

Until the next trip...........

Ian & AdrianIan & Adrian