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The Kawarau Bridge Bungy | Drive to Christchurch

Coasterz 'n' Canyonz Blog Day 18

Farewell Queenstown, we're gonna miss you.. Before we review today, make sure you're up to date with yesterday's blog as the official bungy pictures arrived late and were added a couple of hours after we first published it.

Last night we celebrated our achievements so far with a beer and the best burger we've ever tasted - Fergburger. Exclusive to Queenstown, this place is world famous (check out the trip advisor reviews of it when you get a moment). Just a normal burger shop selling extraordinary burgers - queues out the door all day long, every day. You haven't lived until you've had a Fergburger!

Today we said a farewell to Queenstown, but not before wishing her well in the best way possible, at the World Home of the Bungy - the place where it all started - Kawarau Bridge, 20 minutes north of the town. We were first in line to jump today, and Adrian had the privilege of being the first jumper of the day, closely followed by Ian. It was then a long drive north to our hotel, an hour or so north of Christchurch. We skimmed around the city on the way, on the day they commemorated exactly 1 year since the devastating earthquake.

Low clouds and rain in the way prevented more photo opportunities of the stunning New Zealand countryside, but even in this weather, the place is just stunning.

So, for today, just a few pictures of Adrian's 3rd Bungy (becoming a pro!). Tomorrow, we say farewell to New Zealand and fly to Macau, but not before one last trick.

Kawarau Bridge BungyWorld Home of the Bungy
Kawarau Bridge BungyKawarau Bridge - The Original Commercial Bungy Site
Kawarau Bridge Bungy 
Kawarau Bridge Bungy 
Kawarau Bridge BungyOperators prepare the site for another day's extreme activity!
Kawarau Bridge BungyThe view from the jump - 43m straight down!
Kawarau Bridge BungyAdrian smiles (??) for the camera's!
Kawarau Bridge BungyArms out......
Kawarau Bridge BungyBungyyy.........................
Kawarau Bridge BungyWeeeeeeeee...........
Kawarau Bridge BungyJust stunning.
Kawarau Bridge BungyThis was Adrian's first ankle-tied, boat recovery bungy and he loved it!
Kawarau Bridge Bungy 

Until tomorrow...........