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Coasterz 'n' Canyonz Blog Day 09

3...2....1.....Bungy!!!!!!!!!! Brisbane Airport had a major server failure when we arrived yesterday evening, so all flights had to be checked in manually. This delayed our boarding and departure, added to a loss of 3 hours through a time-change, meant we didn't arrive into New Zealand until after 1am. By the time we got to the hotel, we only managed to squeeze in 3 to 4 hours sleep before hitting Auckland for a full day of adrenalin pumping action.

Auckland BridgeAuckland Bridge
Auckland Bridge 

First activity was another bridge climb - this time the Auckland Bridge. It's quite a walk out to the arch, but our guide, Britney, kept us informed and relaxed every step of the way.

IanIan on the Bridge Climb
AdrianAdrian Watches his footing...

We booked a combo bridge climb / bungy package expecting to do them one after the other, but Britney and the team had other ideas. No sooner than we had reached the main section of the bridge, it was time to Bungy. For Ian, this was his 4th, but Adrian was a Bungy Virgin - always saying he would try most activities, but not Bungy's.

So what changed his mind? - his pending 50th birthday perhaps, or recent changes to his professional life? He cannot answer that only to say that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity he would regret not doing when the holiday was over. With so many Bungy sites across New Zealand, Auckland had to be the one to break him in - the others would have been too much for a first jump.

So, at approximately 09.21am local time 13/2/12 Adrian did his first Bungy!!!!!!!! Enjoy............

Adrians Auckland Bungy"Smile up for the camera"
Adrians Auckland Bungy"and across"
Adrians Auckland Bungy3... 2... 1.... Bungy.................
Adrians Auckland Bungy 
Adrians Auckland Bungy 
Adrians Auckland Bungy 
Adrians Auckland Bungy 
Adrians Auckland Bungy 
Adrians Auckland Bungy 
Adrians Auckland Bungy 

Many thanks to the AJ Hackett Jump Team - they understand nerves and the fact that, if you're at the point of being attached, you probably want to do it, no matter what your mouth is saying!. There's no pressure but a lot of encouragement.

Thanks again guys and well done.

Bungy ToiletsA welcome site awaited back at the booking office!
IanOh, and yes, Ian did one too.

All in all the climb / bungy combo was well worth it. Doing both together feels like there's no place on the bridge left unexplored, both above the road and below!!!.

Would Adrian do another Bungy? You'll have to keep reading the daily blog's to find out.

Auckland Sky Tower SkyJump

So, after a scary morning at the bridge, the afternoon belonged to the Auckland Sky Tower. This was Ian's playground for the afternoon, with Adrian still in recovery mode, preferring to film and photograph the afternoon's events.

Auckland Sky TowerAuckland Sky Tower
Auckland Sky TowerSkyJump and SkyWalk @ 192m
Auckland Sky Towern 
Ian's SkyjumpIan's decided to give both activities a try, doing the SkyJump first

This was his 3rd SkyJump, having already done 2 others in Las Vegas and South Korea, so he knew what to expect. As usual, he took it all in his stride - showing the locals how it should be done.

Ian's Skyjump 
Then the SkyWalk...

Priced as the lesser of two evils, this was much more intense than you could imagine. Basically, you're tethered to a thin rail approx 1 metre above your head, then made to walk around the rim of the building on a platform just wide enough with no hand rails on either side, performing acrobatics for the gazing public as you go.

Ian's SkyWalk 
Ian's SkyWalkThe SkyWalk Party in action. Ian is the 3rd from the right.
Ian's SkyWalk 
Ian's SkyWalk 
Ian's SkyWalk 
SkyWalk Summary

An intense 45 minutes, with several nerve-racking challenges along the way, e.g. leaning over the edge (forwards and backwards) on tip-toe with arms outstretched. If this wasn't scary enough, the instructor had to re-adjust & tighten your harness after each activity whilst you're desperately trying to keep balance !! Good fun but definitely not for the faint-hearted, and as expected, was more thrilling than the SkyJump. Would I do it again? - Silly Question!Ian

Until tomorrow...........