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Coasterz 'n' Canyonz Blog Day 02

Sydney - We're Here...... G' Day Readers

After yesterday's disappointment we headed north up to Sydney. Looking at the weather and snow back home put the start of the trip into perspective - had we been a day later, our flight may not have taken off on schedule and our itinerary would have been thrown into chaos, so to be here on time and, at least, see a bit of Melbourne, was OK.

Virgin BlueAnother Day, Another Flight

Up before daylight this morning for an early flight up to Sydney. The flight was delayed an hour because of air traffic in Sydney (something to do with the weather and wind again we were told). Not too much of an issue, but the idiots at the car rental desk failing to tell us about extra parking areas meant we didn't get out of the airport as quickly as we would have liked.

Sydney Harbour BridgeWe've all seen pictures like this, but it was fantastic to finally be able to take some of our own (well quite a lot actually!)
Luna Park SydneyAnother day, another Luna park - this one in the shadow of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Luna Park SydneyMonday Madness... Cheap unlimited passes and the park virtually to ourselves.
Luna Park SydneyLuna Park has to be one of the best located parks in the world.
Luna Park Sydney Wild MouseWild Mouse - the main reason for visiting and, yes, it was OPEN!!!!!

All in all, we loved Luna Park Sydney. These smaller parks are always so much more friendly than the larger ones and, in contrast to Luna Park Melbourne, all rides bar a couple were operational, despite few visitors.

Adrian & Ian 

After a few hours at the park, we headed down to the famous Bondi Beach. People had said to us prior to the trip they thought it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. We'll we disagree, it was everything it should be - fantastic large sandy beach on the edge of the city lined by bars and souvenir shops. Our hotel is a short 10-minute walk away and we'll be down here for a morning jog everyday while we're in Sydney!!!!

Bondi BeachBondi Beach
Bondi BeachA Surfer
Bondi BeachNot a Surfer
Bondi BeachSurf Waves!
Bondi BeachBondi Beach

Until tomorrow...........