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Coasterz 'n' Canyonz Blog Day 03

A day of two halves... Breakfast on Bondi Beach. At this rate coaster holidays could be a thing of the past as we're now seeing the attraction of beach holidays (well, just a little).

The weather worked against us again this morning, but it didn't spoil our enjoyment too much. Read on....

A hour and a half from Sydney and the beautiful Blue Mountains promised some spectacular scenery.

Stock ImageNice welcome building....
Scenic WorldThis is what we got!
Stock ImageFantastic view of the Cable Way...
Cable WaySort of similar!!!!
Stock ImageUnbeatable views from the Skyway....
Skywaybut not today!!!!
Stock ImageSkyway arriving at the station...
Skywayout of nowhere it seems!
Blue MountainsThe beautiful Blue Mountains.

In fairness, the walk through the rain forest was quite authentic with the rain. And the steepest railway in the world to get to it was quite an experience.

Scenic RailwayScenic Railway
Incline RailwayYou start sitting quite far back, but you are upright during the journey as the track is that steep.
Scenic RailwayScenic Railway arriving at the lower station
Forestt WalkThe weather is Sydney was fine when we set out - so like typical tourists we had to revert to the emergency park poncho's at $5 each on arrival (doh!)
BirdsWildlife was very tame and friendly.

One of the reasons to visit Scenic World was to see the infamous Orphan Rocker coaster. Many rumours circulate about just how wild this ride was. In short, it was built quite a few years ago, but never opened to the public.

Orphan RockerOrphan Rocker Track
Orphan RockerOrphan Rocker Lift Hill
Orphan Rocker 
Orphan RockerOrphan Rocker station

This is what the park had to say about it;

"The Orphan Rocker has never been open to the public. Construction began in the late 80’s, it was designed and built on site making it an interesting yet challenging project. It needs to comply with the Australian Standard AS3533 which was being developed on as we developed the ride, consequently modifications to the ride were required once it was nearly complete. Due to other developments occurring site work on the Orphan Rocker stopped in about 1996. At this current point in time the Orphan Rocker is part of the long term Strategic Plan for the business, but no date has been set for its redevelopment."

Later that day and back to Sydney for one of the best non-coaster things we have ever done - Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We chose the night climb and the views were spectacular. The whole climb takes 3 hours - up over one side, across the middle at the top (400+ feet) and down the other. Nothing was rushed about it, loads of time to take in the views and catch your breath, very professional outfit running it - we would recommend it to everyone. What a way to finish the day - and it's still only day 3!! Until tomorrow...

Our Sidney Harbour Bridge Climb GroupOur Group at the top of the bridge.