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Coasterz 'n' Canyonz Blog Day 19

Those Aussie's do it again! Well today was our last day in New Zealand, and the plan was to sneak in one last Bungy Jump from the Hanmer Springs Bridge on our journey back to Christchurch airport.

So after breakfast we headed for the jump site and arrived at 09:00am only to find that an Australian breakfast TV show had setup to film their presenters doing solo and tandem jumps. Having explained to the check-in staff that we had to leave no later than 11:00am, they said they couldn't accommodate us because of the film crew, but did manage to send a member of the public who had pre-booked. As with all TV filming, there was a lot of waiting around and we're sure those guys could have let Ian jump without interrupting anything, but they just weren't interested. A bit of a wasted 300Km round trip to Hanmer Springs, but it does demonstrate how professional the other crews were at all the AJ Hackett sites and Taupo and Mokai - thanks to all the staff at those places - you helped to make our stay on the islands one of the best holidays we've ever had!

Tomorrow, one last excursion to report on - should be a good one...keep reading...

Hanmer Springs Bungy 
Hanmer Springs BungyDamn Australian Breakfast TV.
Hanmer Springs Bungy 
Hanmer Springs BungyStunning setting... again.
Hanmer Springs Bungy 
Hanmer Springs BungyGet on with it!
IanIan shows his obvious disappointment.
Hanmer Springs Bungy 
Hanmer Springs Bungy 
Hanmer Springs BungyYes, a non-TV person did get to jump.
Hanmer Springs BungyThanks Hanmer Springs... for nothing!
New ZealandOur last impression of New Zealand - simply stunning.

Until tomorrow........