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Coasterz 'n' Canyonz Blog Day 05

"I'll get you out of here fast.......... Superman fast!" Today a full day at one of only a couple of major parks in Australia - Movie World and the weather finally came good for us (80+ and beautiful sunshine). We met up with Malcolm and Martin again for the first couple of rides of the day, then wished them a bon-voyage as they left to complete the remainder of their trip.

We had a whole day at the park and, it must be said, reminded us of quite a few American and European parks.

Warner Bros. Movie World Entrance 
Superman EscapeSuperman Escape
Superman Escape 
Superman Escape 
Superman Escape 

This was the headline coaster for the park. The park itself is quite compact and just enough attractions and rides to make a full day of it. Superman Escape was OK - we've done better, but done a lot worse as well. The ride features a pre-show before the launch which was very good. The quote at the top of this blog comes when Superman saves you from all the chaos going on around you. Operationally, the park is very strict - no loose items and empty pockets required before you queue - at a cost of $1 for an hour locker rental. Added to the park entry, for visitors like us where the whole group wants to ride together amounts to an up charge for each ride taken.

Also, loading was painfully slow, 1-train operation dispatching every 5-6 minutes = ~200 riders an hour. This could have been speeded up slightly by arranging each train load of passengers while the train was doing it's circuit, instead of waiting for the train to return, then arranging groups into 4's prior to boarding.

This was the only ride in the park where this was evident, all the others had staff intent on securing, checking and checking again but in a much more urgent manner.

Superman Escape 

Finally, the superman figure seemingly pushing the train out of harms way was a very nice touch.

Green LanternGreen Lantern
Green Lantern 
Green Lantern 

The latest addition to the park (only a couple of months old) and no reliability issues as reported on the internet prior to our visit. After lunch, ride waiting was no more then 10 minutes.

Green Lantern 
Scooby-Doo Spooky CoasterScooby-Doo Spooky Coaster

Easily the best ride in the park. A well themed indoor mouse, with extended journey from station to main ride containing a good storyline. The main mouse part worked very well with carefully positioned lighting making it seem light, but the track all but invisible. Later in the day this was "walk-on" and we made the most of that!"

Wild West Falls 

Similar to many flume rides but the theming was out of this world. We could have been in a Six Flags or Disney Park anywhere in the world.

Wild West FallsWild West Falls
Lethal WeaponLethal Weapon

Not open - being upgraded due to reopen in April, not that we were too disappointed as we've ridden many examples of these over the years.


All in all a fantastic day at a well themed park but for a few throughput issues on Superman. Australians don't have much in the way of amusement and theme parks so Movie World fills a gap and does it very well.

Warner Bros. Movie World 

Surfers ParadiseSurfers Paradise Skyline

As viewed from our balcony.