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Queenstown | The Nevis Bungy / Swing

Coasterz 'n' Canyonz Blog Day 15

2 ways down!!!!!!!!! Today it was the reason for the whole holiday. The Nevis Highwire Bungy and Nevis Swing.

Nevis Bungy - New Zealand's highest!
Nevis Bungy45 minutes from Queenstown, and the setting for the bungy and swing is outstanding.
Nevis BungyFirst View of the Nevis Bungy.

The pod you jump from is suspended from wires spanning the top of a very deep valley.

Nevis BungyGetting to the jump pod.

This small shuttle uses the wires to transport you to the pod. If you think doing a bungy is scary, this comes a close second.

Nevis Bungy 
Nevis BungyAdrian getting ready for his Bungy

After "training" in Auckland last Monday, now was the acid test - could he do a 134m drop?

Nevis Bungy 


Nevis Bungy 
AdrianAdrian celebrates his massive achievement.
Nevis BungyNow, Bungy veteran (6 previous) Ian takes his turn
Nevis Bungy3...2...1... Bungy..............
Nevis Bungy 
IanIan demonstrates how long the cord was!
Nevis BungyThe valley and jump pod
Nevis Bungy 
Nevis Swing (World's Highest!)!
Nevis SwingHere, the release platform is suspended across another valley...
Nevis SwingRiders (single or pairs) are swung out away from the platform...
Nevis Swingthen released to swing in a massive arc across the valley...
Nevis SwingIan looking confident before his swing..
Nevis SwingStill confident....
Nevis Swingand leaves his confidence behind!!!
Nevis Swing 
Nevis SwingAdrian sort of smiling...
Nevis Swingand off we go.........
Nevis Swing 
AdrianI did it!!!!!!!!!!!!
IanIan collects all his souvenirs and looks well pleased with his achievements!

Queenstown, New ZealandAfter the excitement, time to chill in Queenstown.

It must be said, this place is buzzing and has to be one of the best places on earth... (no we didn't do the paragliding!)

Queenstown, New Zealand 
Queenstown, New Zealand 
Queenstown, New Zealand 
Queenstown, New Zealand 
Queenstown, New ZealandWe just love the NZ sense of humour!!!

In summary, the Nevis Bungy has been a long-time ambition of Ian's and it didn't disappoint. Delivering everything you would expect, and then some, it's got to be one of the most thrilling things either of us have ever done. The swing was also a lot larger and thrilling then either anticipated.

In just 1 day, Queenstown has proved it is THE place to be. Thanks to all the AJ Hackett staff today - you guys ROCK!

Until tomorrow.