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Coasterz 'n' Canyonz Blog Day 04

Final Day in Sydney Today was a chill-out day around Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Harbour BridgeSydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout
Sydney Harbour BridgePylon Lookout Location

As part of last nights bridge climb, we were given free tickets to the pylon lookout tower, which also contained a museum about the bridge construction. A great view of the bridge and Opera House enabled us to get some photographs of other climbers to demonstrate the size of the bridge.

Sydney Harbour Bridge2 groups of climbers ascend the bridge.
Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb groups reach the summit (>400 ft)
Sydney Harbour BridgeThe standard climb route up.
Sydney Harbour BridgeLeft of bridge, group on the way down, right of bridge, group on the way up.
Sydney Harbour BridgeThis shows the scale of the bridge construction.
Sydney Harbour BridgeThe hardest part of the climb is getting onto the upper deck via these 4 ladders between the road lanes. On the way down, they're done in reverse between railway tracks.
Sydney Harbour BridgeBridge from "The Rocks" area.
Sydney Opera HouseSydney Opera House close up.
Sydney Opera House 
Sydney Opera HouseFrom the bridge.
Downtown SydneyDowntown Sydney from the Lookout Pylon.
Luna Park SydneyLuna Park from the other side of the harbour.
Luna Park Sydney 
Adrian & Ian 
LunchToday's Lunch $24.16 (~£18.50)

We thought this needed a blog entry to show how expensive Australia is for UK visitors and, of course, inflated prices around the tourist spots - but average out to £3 an item!!!!!. The rest of the week we're watching our cents very carefully, except for this evening where...

We met up with fellow coaster enthusiasts Malcolm and Martin. Just by chance, they had arranged a trip that put them a day ahead of us in Australia. So we arranged to catch up at Hard Rock cafe in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast after flying up here this evening. Until tomorrow............

Evening Meal MeetupMartin, Malcolm, Ian & Adrian @ Hard Rock Surfers Paradise