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Coasterz 'n' Canyonz Blog Day 07

Upping the adrenalin today - but not until Sea World is ticked off. A leisurely morning at Sea World to tick off their 2 coasters.

Sea World Entrance 
Jet RescueJet Rescue

A rare example (one of a kind?) coaster and the reason we added Sea World to the itinerary. The park was nice and quite for the first couple of hours so we put her through her paces. Tyre launched out of the station with a booster tyre launch just before the half-way point, all done low to the ground to add to the sense of speed. Nice tight direction changes, but very smooth transitions and VERY re-ridable.

Jet Rescue 
Jet Rescue 
Jet Rescue 
Jet Rescue 
Jet Rescue 
Jet Rescue 
Sea ViperSea Viper

Standard Arrow production model, of which we have done many before, however this one features unique trains we haven't seen that include arm limiters to prevent you putting your hands up. Once ridden, you understand why - the dip under the monorail track has next to no clearance!

Sea Viper 
Sea Viper 
Smoking SignGet your smelly food and stinky drinks out of my area!!!!

Surfers Paradise
Surfers Paradise Lifeguards 

The afternoon was spent having a leisurely stroll along the beach.

Surfers Paradise Rescue Boat 
Q1 TowerThen it was time to climb - Skypoint at the Q1 Tower.

When it was built in 2005, Q1 was the tallest residential tower in the world at 322.5m (to the top of the spike)

Q1 Tower 

Added this year, a climb up to the very top of the tower - Australia's highest external building climb!

Q1 Tower 
Skypoint ClimbThe arrow indicates the highest point the climb takes you to - 270m (photo from Skypoint Website)
Skypoint ClimbSilhouette shows the climb stairs and crossing platform.

So how was it? In a word SCARY. Having done the Sydney Harbour Bridge a couple of days earlier, that proved to be a walk in the park in comparison. Sydney's stairs had hand rails both sides, here only one - the other side of the stairs was straight down the side of the building! Adrian declined the offer to lean over and enjoy the view down, but Ian managed to look over, even if it was with the other hand firmly bolted to the hand rail! Our climb leader was very supportive and helped us each step of the way. All in all, a fantastic high to finish our stay on the Gold Coast, literally!

Our Skypoint Climb Group 
Skypoint ClimbWalkway viewed from the observation deck on the 77th floor.
Skypoint Climb 
Surfers ParadiseView of the beach and surrounding towers from the observation deck.
Surfers ParadiseOur last photo of Surfers Paradise before we depart.

Until tomorrow!