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Coasterz 'n' Canyonz Blog Day 06

Today a dream came true... A visit to Dreamworld. We've known of Dreamworld ever since Magic Mountain opened their Superman launched 400' coaster, as Australia's Dreamworld houses the only other version of this ride anywhere. To actually visit the park was amazing, a traditional park with some history and their 30 years experience in operation showed in leaps and bounds when compared to Movie World yesterday. No silly ride upcharges disguised as locker rentals here, more relaxed riding policies with usual left items spots on all the platforms.

We paid for early entry, but were let down a bit by a 20 minute testing delay for one of the rides, and Tower of Terror required a minimum of 7 riders to operate, so another wait here, however we did all the rides on the early program before the gates opened. As it transpired, the early time was just a taster for the remainder of the day - one of those rare occasions where a park has just enough guests to give it atmosphere, but all rides were "walk-on" all day, with the exception of a couple where we waited no more than 2 cycles to ride. With the temperature well into the 80's, we relaxed and had one of the best days at a park since Amarillo a couple of years ago.

Road SignExact directions were made available on the way to the park.
Dreamworld EntrancePerfect welcome to a perfect park.
Tower of Terror IIThe headline act is Tower of Terror II which can be seen from miles around.
Tower of Terror II 
Tower of Terror IIHard to see, but attached to both sides of the TOT support are two drop towers - easily the highest and best we've done. The view whilst waiting to drop was outstanding.
Drop Tower 

Tower of Terror II became the second version by turning the car around. Trip out of the station is in reverse, and you fall back down face first. The highlight, unlike the original design, isn't the tower though, but the return back through the tunnel, with fantastic lighting effects and a real "face flapping" wind experience as you decelerate.

Tower of Terror II 

New to the park is BuzzSaw, a standard sky-loop. No different to others of this type we have ridden, but a very well themed queue area and station.


Cyclone - these models are no longer a draw for most parks, but this one seemed popular. Relocated from Luna Park in Sydney, we found it hard to see how it fitted onto that site. Also unusual is the fact the two inversions are taken towards the end of the ride.

MotocoasterMotocoaster - Once you figured out how to get in, it wasn't too bad. The train features 2 sidecars at the rear for younger/shorter guests to ride
ShockwaveA selection of flat rides including this Disk-O - Shockwave
Reef DiverAn enterprise with missing capsules (???) - Reef Diver
The Clawand The Claw.

Also at the park was a chance to see some Australian wildlife (in well presented surroundings)

Ian & AdrianPhoto's were available holding a Koala but were quite expensive, so we went for the cheap option!

And after running around all week, we decided to relax this evening in the hotel pool and jacuzzi!!! Until tomorrow.....

Ian & Adrian 
Ian & Adrian