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Rainbow's End

Coasterz 'n' Canyonz Blog Day 10

There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Ian & AdrianToday - Rainbow's End, New Zealand's one and only Theme Park
Rai n Bow 

Today we found something very special - a great little park, with extremely friendly staff and theming that would put much larger parks to shame. Mid-week operation policy runs ride operation rotation, but it's not an issue with such few guests. It's hard to find any fault with this place - every detail is so well executed, it would be hard for anyone not to have a good time here.

Rainbow's End 
Corkscrew CoasterHeadline, and one of the only coasters in the country, is Corkscrew Coaster.

A standard production loop and corkscrew (same as Sea World last week), but this one with the ever-rare original trains (in rainbow colours of course!) and glass-smooth track for a coaster getting on in age (26 years and still thrilling guests).

Corkscrew Coaster 
Corkscrew Coaster 
Corkscrew Coaster 
Corkscrew Coaster 
Corkscrew Coaster 
Other Attractions...
InvaderThese disk-o's are popping up all over the place, here named Invader and proving a hit with everyone.
Fear FallFear Fall - Standard drop tower - but a great play on words for it's name.
Journey Motion MasterJourney Motion Master

Even a park of this size is able to offer a fully scaled version of the film showing in Movie World last week. The theatre itself can best be described as "very cute" with only 2 rows of seats, about 26 in all. But nothing else is skimped, full pre-show and theming around and below the screen to make the experience complete.

Log FlumeTake a look at the top of the flume ride for a taste of theming applied. In fact, the ride was very long and not too wet!.
Bumper BoatsEven the Bumper Boats, usually placed in a square pool, had a large themed lagoon to make them more fun.
Power SurgeThis Power Surge was one of the few unthemed rides.
Castle LandCastle Land - just for the kids!
Dragon's FlightDragon's Flight Coaster - need we say more.....
Dragon's FlightOf course we got on it!!!!!

There are hidden gem's like this dotted all over the world, and it's a real treat when you find them. It would be hard to see how New Zealand could support a large chain theme park, so Rainbow's End fills the gap extremely well. Don't be put off by the size of the park - everything is done so well and there's not one dud attraction in the park. Even the antique Cine 180 film had us reminiscing of our early days of park visiting. Highly Recommended.

Special thanks to Katharine, Tara and all the staff at the park today for making our visit so special.

Until tomorrow.........