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Taupo Bungy / Cliffhanger | Mokai Gravity Canyon

Coasterz 'n' Canyonz Blog Day 12

A right couple of swingers........... Firstly, apologies for the late arrival of yesterday's blog - our hotel only allowed 50Mb free internet access and by the time we needed more, the reception was closed.

So, today we started in Taupo and our first activities were just around the corner from our accommodation.

TaupoView from Taupo lakeside.
Taupo McDonaldsTaupo has a very special McDonalds.
Taupo Bungy and Cliff Hanger
Taupo Bungy and Cliff HangerThis is very close to the town centre, but the scenery makes you think you're a world away.
Taupo Bungy and Cliff HangerThe jump and loading platform is canter levered off the side of a sheer cliff.
Taupo Bungy and Cliff HangerAdrian starting the day with the Taupo Cliff Hanger.
Taupo Bungy and Cliff HangerOnce released, you swing into the canyon in a giant arc.
Taupo Bungy and Cliff HangerHe obviously enjoyed it!
Taupo Bungy and Cliff Hanger 
Taupo Bungy and Cliff HangerAfter completing his swing, Ian prepares for his Bungy Jump (that's him under the left red umbrella)
Taupo Bungy and Cliff HangerJust hanging around!
Taupo Bungy and Cliff Hangerbut not for long........
Taupo Bungy and Cliff Hanger"I've just done another bungy - so there!"

Mokai Gravity Canyon
TaupoIt was then a couple of hours to the Taupo sister attraction - the Mokai Gravity Canyon
Mokai Gravity CanyonIf we thought the Taupo scenery was good, this was off the scale. Miles from anywhere (or so it seemed), this innocent bridge holds a couple of dark secrets...
Mokai Gravity CanyonThe highest bungy on the north island, at 80m
Mokai Gravity Canyonand another bridge swing - this one twice the height (depth?) of the Taupo one, and a fantastic 55m of free fall. Adrian compares it to the earlier one.
Mokai Gravity CanyonNo photograph can portray the sheer scale of this place.
Mokai Gravity CanyonOff we go...........
Mokai Gravity CanyonIckle Adrian
Mokai Gravity CanyonAgain, after Ian does his swing, he prepares for his second bungy of the day, looking puzzled by the length of bungy rope they've given him.
Mokai Gravity CanyonSmile for the camera(s)
Mokai Gravity CanyonBungy............
Mokai Gravity CanyonYes, that's Ian at the end of that very long stretchy cord.

This was Ian's 6th Bungy, and highest to date. The falling seems to go on forever and is highly recommended. The swings at both sites were great, but the additional free-fall at Mokai makes it one of the best non-bungy experiences we have ever tried.

This evening, we drove to Wellington in readiness for tomorrow morning's ferry to the south island. Until then.......