Coasterz 'n' Canyonz

Coasterz 'n' Canyonz "BIG O" Trip 2012

About the Tour

After many years of travelling around the world, mainly the USA, it was time to look at something different. With Ian reaching the BIG 40 and Adrian the even BIGGER 50 within a year of each other, we decided to do something special to celebrate. Choosing a mid-point between the 2 birthdays coupled with Ian's fascination with New Zealand's extreme adrenalin activities it wasn't hard to decide where to celebrate. So in 2008 we started saving for the "once in a lifetime" holiday.

OZ and NZ

As the trip drew closer and we looked at flights, it was a "no-brainer" to stop in Australia on the way to tick off some coasters and parks. Squeezing everything into 3 weeks means dropping a couple of smaller Australian parks in favour of New Zealand but we are doing all the major ones.

What, No Coasters?

With only one park in New Zealand, the latter part of the holiday will concentrate on more "extreme" activities including bungy jumps, canyon swings skyjumps etc. Time will tell if Adrian tries everything New Zealand can throw at him - but it shouldn't be a problem for Ian. .

Just popping into Macau on the way home... Macau

Initial flight searches had us stopping in Hong Kong en-route (next to Macau) but a last minute change in airline fly's via Kuala Lumpur instead, but the joy's of low-cost airlines meant we could include the Macau Tower as a slight detour on the way home (as well as breaking up the flights)..

You can read our daily account written each evening while on tour here. Enjoy!

Day01 thumb

Luna Park Melbourne

Trip Blog Day 1

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Luna Park Sydney

Trip Blog Day 2

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Day03 thumb

Scenic World

Trip Blog Day 3

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Day04 thumb

Sydney Bridge Climb

Trip Blog Day 4

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Day05 thumb

Movie World Gold Coast

Trip Blog Day 5

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Day06 thumb


Trip Blog Day 6

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Day07 thumb

Sea World | Skypoint

Trip Blog Day 7

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Day08 thumb

Aussie World

Trip Blog Day 8

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Day09 thumb

Auckland Bungy | Tower

Trip Blog Day 9

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Day10 thumb

Rainbow's End

Trip Blog Day 10

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Day11 thumb

Rotorua Zorb | Luge

Trip Blog Day 11

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Day12 thumb

Taupo/Mokai Bungy's

Trip Blog Day 12

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Day13 thumb

Happy Valley Skywire

Trip Blog Day 13

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Day14 thumb

New Zealand Roadtrip

Trip Blog Day 14

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Day15 thumb

Nevis Bungy / Swing

Trip Blog Day 15

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Day16 thumb

Shotover Jet | Swing

Trip Blog Day 16

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Day17 thumb

Ledge Bungy | Swing

Trip Blog Day 17

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Day18 thumb

Kawarau Bridge Bungy

Trip Blog Day 18

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Day19 thumb

Hanmer Springs Bungy

Trip Blog Day 19

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Day20 thumb

Macau Tower Bungy

Trip Blog Day 20

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