Total Timber Tour

Puyallup Fair, Puyallup, WA

Total Timber Tour Blog Day 20

5 hour drive west into Washington State to the Puyallup Fair Grounds in Puyallup, WA, located 36 miles south of Seattle.

Road Trip 
Road TripThat's snow-capped Mt Rainer in the distance.
Road TripAlmost there!

Traveled west in convoy with Pete & Lisa and checked into the hotel a mile from the fairgrounds.

Adrian, Lisa, Pete and IanPhoto op en-route!

For non-Americans, state fairs are best described as a cross between an agricultural show, expo and, what we know, as a fair. Because each state has its own fair site, some states invest in permanent buildings and, in the case of Washington State, permanent rides, even though the rides are only operated for a few days each year.

Puyallup Fair 
Puyallup Fair 

At this fair, there is a wooden coaster that we first read about a number of years ago. The review said something like “A ride on the wooden coaster at Puyallup is well worth the careful planning required to ride it”. And, after the months of organisation for this trip we have to agree. The whole trip was planned for this ride and not only did it not disappoint, it exceeded our expectations and proved to be the perfect ride to end this marathon journey across the States on.

Ian and AdrianAs with the rest of the trip, we asked the ride op to take our photo on the 'tick-off' list - here's what he took. So Pete, took the second......
Adrian and Ian 

As for the Fair itself, it was a real pleasure to attend and the staff were great. Today was "Monday Madness" where most rides, including the coaster were just $1 (53p) - perfect.

Puyallup Fair 

There was no nasty atmosphere; the site was full of families enjoying the un-seasonably hot weather. There was a great selection of rides, well spaced on clean midways. So much better than we had imagined. Having Pete and Lisa as guides for the day also made the visit even more memorable.

Ian and AdrianThe last tour certificate presentation.
Puyallup Fair 
Puyallup Fair 
Puyallup Fair 
Pete and LisaOur coaster friends from Seattle, Pete & Lisa
Puyallup Fair 
Adrian and IanAnother go? Oh, alright then. It would be rude not too..........
LisaLisa getting her "fanny plucked".
Puyallup Fair 

To complete the tour, we had one last ride on the airtime laden back seat of the woodie – just a perfect ending to a near-perfect tour. Tomorrow, we’re thinking of going down to the laundrette, washing the clothes, and spending 3 weeks driving back to New Jersey! (in our dreams).

Puyallup Fair 

Would we do it again? – Yes, tomorrow.

Puyallup Fair 

Thanks to all the readers of the blog – it’s been great to share our trip with you all and enjoy your next coaster ride, whenever and wherever it is.

Hotel RoomWe saved the best hotel 'till last!

Tomorrow, it’s a 5-hour round trip to the coast to dip our feet in the Pacific to truly complete our ‘coast to coast’ trip.

We’ll complete the mileage and final ‘sea’ picture later this week.