Total Timber Tour

Park City & Logan Celebration Centre, Logan, UT

Total Timber Tour Blog Day 17

375 mile drive from hotel in Laramie west across Wyoming towards Salt Lake City into Utah and Park City Mountain Resort

Road Trip 

Up with the lark this morning for a (very) long drive across Wyoming. Apart from a few small communities along the way this was very baron landscape and quite tedious. The route was lined with snow barriers for the entire journey, although we only got a glimpse of snow-covered mountains way off to the south. It was cold though, with temperatures ranging from 37 – 45 degrees before lunch.

Wind Farm 
Adrian and IanSorry Carol - it was miles between services - when needs must!

Arrived into Park City after lunch. Only had a limited time here, but ticked off all three major attractions. The resort is a major ski centre during the winter months, but has added these activities to entice summer visitors (like us!)

Park City 

Mountain sleds is a very long ‘tea-tray’ run down the mountain. The start is gained by a 15-minute ride up the ski-lift. Speed is controlled by the rider and, although long, is no different to similar ones we have ridden (at Oakwood for instance).


Zip rider is, again, accessed by another 15-minute ride up the ski-lift. Here, you are sat into a harness, attached to one of 4 single cables that run all the way down to the start of the ski-lift. Ian enjoyed the ride, of course, but Adrian was apprehensive about the landing at the bottom. He needn’t have been as he didn’t reach the end of the line, stopping some 15 feet short of the station. To complete the ride, he had to pull a safety strap which removed the speed limiter. How embarrassing!

Zip Rider 
Zip Rider 

The big attraction for us was the Alpine Slide. This was a single/duel rider coaster on rails (various are dotted around the world). We have ridden a small version in Stoke on Trent, UK before, but this was as high as the other two attractions, although you boarded at the bottom and rode the various sections of lift hills to the top. Again, speed was rider-controlled, although you are advised to “floor it” all the way to the end. It was a great ride, much faster than expected, including helixes and ‘bunny hops’ where your feet jumped up and down while running over.

Alpine Coaster 
Alpine Coaster 
Alpine Coaster 

Most of the ride is hidden in trees, enhancing the sense of speed, and the corners are under-banked causing the seat belt to be used on more than one occasion. Very enjoyable and we stayed a little longer for a second go.

Road Trip 

A 2-hour drive up to Logan to Celebration Centre. The main reason for stopping here was the ‘one-of-a-kind’ Sonic Boom drop ride – arguably the highest drop ride in the world. More of this later. The park is dotted with various degrees of adrenalin machines ranging from mini-golf, through go-carts, to various ‘extreme rides’. Something for everyone here.

Sonic BoomSonic Boom!

For us the main attractions were (in no particular order);

Screamin’ Swing 

Screamin’ Swing – Similar to those found at many parks around the world but without the secondary safety lock found on so many. For some reason (extreme setting maybe?) this one felt a whole lot more extreme then the others we have tried.

Snow Shot 
Snow Shot 

Snow Shot – A race along two parallel tracks on snow-mobiles. Very similar to the drag racing in Kissimmee, Florida, except here, you sit on the transport, not in it – very fast and great fun (we both won one race each).

Sky Sling 

Sky Sling – Similar to those found at many parks around the world but this one has a unique side – a pair of “suicide seats” as they are known. We said we would ride, and they walked us around to the other side. It should be pointed out that we knew nothing of this prior to our visit! In brief, they look like over-grown cycle seats with a small U shaped grab handle at the front. To secure yourself to them you put on, what is best described as, a body-thong. 2 straps over the shoulders (which remain loose), an adjustable waistband and this is all locked to the seat by 3 simple pins. Once locked there is an alarming amount of space between you and the harness! Then this usually tame ride takes on an unbelievable evil twist. As you ascend, you are thrown forward (beyond horizontal?) for the upward journey, being up-righted at the top of the first bounce. Then, for the return journey, you are rotated to face the floor. All this repeats while other riders around the tower are having a relatively relaxing ride! Just amazing and a total surprise. All parks with the tower ride should add this seat option NOW!

Adrian and Ian 

What about Sonic Boom? Simply the best drop ride we have ever ridden by a mile. Just can’t understand why parks don’t buy these? This ride differs from all other drop rides in that it uses air to slow the drop down rather than magnets. It takes two riders at a time. You enter a small pod with mesh sides and two seats.

Sonic Boom 

The seats are backless and have just one seat-belt which comes over you legs. If confident enough, you may request the belt be slack for a more ‘natural’ ride! Once secured, you are given a safety brief, and then given ear-defenders to wear for the entire ride. The door to the pod is then closed, and the outer cylinder is closed and you're off – the assent starts of dark, but soon enters natural light. The trip up is very similar to taking an elevator as the ride doesn’t have to pull the moving mechanism over magnets as others do. Once atop the 367 feet – yes 367 feet tower you have a seemingly eternal wait to enjoy the view of Logan and the mountain backdrop then it is time to return to the bottom.

Sonic BoomAdrian is in that pod!

Once released the long journey through Wyoming was instantly forgotten. From here, you leave your chair and float all the way down – just amazing – no overheads, nothing to hold on to, just float. Soon you enter the lower braking chamber and BOOM!! – as the air is pushed from below you to slow the decent, the ride makes an incredible noise, both inside and out – hence the ride name! This is the worlds number one drop tower. If you are attracted to these types of rides in theme parks – you must get to Celebration Centre soon.

Sonic Boom 

A big thanks to all the staff at Celebration Centre. Again, we were expected and instantly greeted on arrival. The staff were all so friendly and, for a second day in a row, we were treated like VIP’s. Thanks all, you have truly helped to make our holiday so memorable.

Celebration Centre 

Hotel 2 miles from park in Logan, UT