Total Timber Tour

Flight - UK to New Jersey - Keansburg Park, Keansburg, NJ - Clementon Park, Clementon, NJ

Total Timber Tour Blog Day 1

Drove from Nottingham, UK down to Heathrow Airport, London last night and stayed in a Travelodge. The first room we were given never had a toilet seat, so either had to hover or take the second room given. Opted for the second room!

Today - Flew British Airways from London Heathrow Airport 3465 miles to Newark Airport, New Jersey, just west of New York. Flight was on time departing and landed into Newark 25 minutes early. Newark Border Control still holds the crown for the most friendly and efficient passage into the States.

Weather glorious sunshine and low 80’s

AdrianAdrian setting up the tour transport at the first stop
Trip Transport 

32 mile drive south from Newark Airport, to Keansburg Amusement Park (located just south of New York). The main purpose here was to dip our feet in the Atlantic to truly start our Coast-to-Coast tour, and this seemed like the ideal location, 30 minutes from the Airport and a Wildcat coaster to start the trip. Wildcat had 5 original Wildcat Cars on the track, but only cycle one at a time – blocking problems we think! Keansburg is one of those parks that looks a bit rough and ready, but had tradition written all over it. We loved the atmosphere here. Stayed for an hour and a half, before heading down to Clementon.

Ian and AdrianUS in the US - and the Atlantic
Keansburg Amusement Park 
Keansburg Amusement Park 

83 mile drive south from Keansburg to Clementon Amusement Park (located 18 miles south-east of Philadelphia). Arrived 5pm. As we have said, this parks operation had worked against us in the past, but today it was to be third time lucky. HellCat was the first woodie on the trip we had to tick off. First ride was in the second seat, and very bumpy. Could have easily written this off as a dud. Tried again in the front and it transformed into a very thrilling, out of control experience. The new addition of trim brakes on the first drop are noticeable, but not so much as the likes of Hercules or Mean Streak. Once we had had a few goes, we actually started to like it, and by the end found it very pleasing. Not a coaster to beckon you back in a rush but, all the same, a great start to the trip. Only one thing negative about the park, was their $8 parking charge for the evening – a good deal for the whole day, but not just for the last 3 hours.

Adrian and IanHere's the proof!
AdrianCouldn't find anyone official at the park to present the tour certificate to, so these two friendly HellCat operatives accepted it on the parks behalf! Thanks

Drive north to Bethel, Pennsylvania to hotel. Arrived here 10pm

All in all, a very long day (22 hours, but necessary to click onto US time as soon as possible) and a great success with HellCat ticked off.