Total Timber Tour

Six Flags St. Louis, Eureka, MO

Total Timber Tour Blog Day 5

106 mile drive west from hotel in Mount Vernon, Illinois through St Louis, Missouri and onto Six Flags St Louis. The park is located 30 miles west of the City.

St Louis ArchSt Louis Arch - "The gateway to the West"

A full day from opening to closing at the park today. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Six Flags is one of the largest chains of parks in the States. Weather was low 80’s, and sunny and a lot less humid than yesterday.

Screamin' EagleScreamin' Eagle

This is Adrian’s 5th visit to the park, and Ian’s 4th. St Louis never fails to entertain us, and today was no exception. What a difference a few hundred miles makes. 14 hours after leaving Holiday World, we were riding a coaster where the staff were friendly and obviously enjoying being part of the 2008 headline ride team – and our reason for visiting also, to tick off Eve Knievel from the ‘to-do’ list.

Adrian and Ian 
Evel KnievelEvel Knievel
Evel Knievel 

The ride is a power run from start to finish, and no straight bits apart from the final brake run. Very enjoyable, fun and re-rideable. Like all the woodies at this park, only one negative observation “More Oil Required!”. Also, in complete contrast to yesterday, repeat riding was offered on many occasions where there was no line – this is becoming more common amongst Six Flags parks, although it does vary for each ride. Crowds were very light here today, no more than one train wait on all rides with the exception of Mr Freeze. Boss was it’s usual ‘unique’ self, Screamin’ Eagle running as good as last time. All in all, another great day, topped off with an hour on Evel. Special mention to ride-dispatcher Josh and his enthusiasm – all parks should have one!

Evel Knievel 
AdrianOur new tour transport

3 hour drive back through St Louis and north-east towards Chicago, back into Illinois stopping en-route for the night at hotel in Normal, IL. We think parts of the Interstate 55 we took tonight were the infamous Route 66. No doubt Google will help validate this fact! (check out the route HERE)

Tomorrow (Tuesday), you may want to listen to BBC Radio Derby at around 7.15am for a live update from the tour!