Total Timber Tour

Holiday World, Santa Claus, IN

Total Timber Tour Blog Day 4

Before the day’s run down, just a quick thanks to all the emails of support for the trip we have received so far – it’s much appreciated and makes the late nights preparing the blog that bit easier. Welcome if you are a new reader! Today, we even had fellow motorists taking an interest in the car logos and taking pictures as we passed each other!
View from carDrove passed Kings Island on the way to today's park!
Buttermilk SignWhere the f*%@ is Buttermilk Pancake!

279 mile drive south-west from hotel in Columbus, OH through Cincinnati, briefly passing into Kentucky State, through Louisville and on to Santa Claus, southern Indiana to Holiday World.

Christmas Blvd Sign 

Santa Claus is located 180 miles south west of Indianapolis. Made 1 hour transferring from Eastern time to Central time and arrived at park at 2pm. Stayed in the park until closing at 8.30pm.

Holiday World 

Entering Holiday World, being in a town called Santa Claus, you are greeted by a heavy Christmas theme, but this is only one area of the park. Almost unique to the park is free drinks and sun screen, which we took full advantage of in the blistering humid 93 degrees!


There are three woodies here, none new to us, and just a stop on the way to tomorrow’s park. The main attraction is The Voyage, many people’s number one wooden coaster. The only thing keeping it off our top slot is the lack of repeat ‘ride-ability’ and not all seating gives an enjoyable ride. A ride on the Voyage is like a 30 minute work out at the gym, it’s a very intense coaster packed full of ‘airtime’ (bum off seat) and a wild, out of control experience lasting well over 2 minutes off the top of the lift hill. It’s easy to see why there are so many enthusiasts Raven’ about the back seat of The Voyage, the experience is a Legend.

The VoyageThe Voyage

The last ride of the day was in complete darkness and something we will remember for a long time to come. After the first hill, there is no way of telling which direction the train is heading next, until you return to the lights of the station area. Totally “Awesome”!

AdrianAdrian finding some much needed help!

All in all a great day, but it has to be said this park has lost its ‘family run’ feel as it’s got bigger. It’s true to say, apart from the ticket office on arrival, we did not see one park employee or ride operator smile the whole day. Each load of trains on the coasters was very matter of fact, and little was done to fill empty seats – a complete contrast to yesterday’s park where every train went out full, and the staff were obliviously excited about being posted to operate the main attraction. On leaving the park there were staff there, but nobody said goodbye, thanks for visiting or anything. Last year, all the management of Six Flags Great Adventure were lined up at the close of the park and ensuring everyone walked out the gate with a personal thank you. Indeed, it was quite a party and left a lasting impression with us.

Hotel RoomTonight's Hotel Suite.;