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Relocation Day

Total Timber Tour Blog Day 14

8 hour drive north-through Texas, to hotel in Lubbock, TX

Last night had a night out around San Antonio Airport looking for the car hire company. Eventually found them to exchange the tour "bus" for one with less of an oil issue.

IanIan swapping over the tour signs to the new car.

Nice leisurely day today making our way north and west. It’s only when you drive America you realise just how big this place is. 8 hours on the road and we’re still in Texas!

RoadLife on the open road.

It’s a common misconception that interstates here have low speed limits compared to Europe. That may have been true some years ago, but most are now 70mph in the more rural areas. Today, we were on I-10 for 100 miles or so and, hey presto, an 80mph limit. This is the first time Adrian has driven at over 70 legally!!!!

80mph sign 

We pulled over for a rest stop mid-morning at a garage/McDonalds combo and the entire site was covered in bugs – both dead and alive – not too sure what they were, looked like cockroaches but moved very fast, each black and about 1-2inches long, covering the entire forecourt and shop inside. We were itching in the car for the next 50 miles!!!!

Road JunctionWe were sat at this junction for ever waiting for the traffic to clear.
Wind Farm2 forms of power being harvested here.
Texas Wind FarmWe passed a wind farm with sails as far as the eye could see.
CafeLunch was a classy affair, but at least we didn't have to leave our car!
Wind TurbinesMore wind turbines...
Storm CloudThere's a storm a brewing...;
IanOur friend from Nottingham, Carol, asked us to bring back some Twinkies, which we had forgotten on two previous trips. Here's proof we remembered this time.

Arrived at our hotel in Lubbock earlier than expected, so a bit of retail therapy and a chance to recharge our batteries (literally and metaphorically!). Also, another photo opportunity at a closed park here called Joyland.

Ian and AdrianJoyland in Lubbock, TX