Total Timber Tour

Relocation Day

Total Timber Tour Blog Day 18

8 hour drive from hotel in Logan, Utah, north through Idaho and into Montana. Hotel for night in Missoula, MT. Today’ road trip was just amazing – empty Interstates and beautiful, ever changing scenery.

With just a driving day, and only 2 parks to do, we thought we’d use today’s blog space to summarise the ups and downs (pun intended) of the trip so far, along with some photographs which never made the other days’ blogs.

Day 01 Keansburg & Clementon

Even though Clementon was top of the plan, Keansburg turned out to be a real surprise – wrapped in atmosphere. Our first coaster of the trip cost us ‘9 tickets each to ride’.

HellcatCheck out the brakes on HellCat!
Day 02 GCIi & Knoebel's

Obviously disappointed about Flying Turns not being open, but it’s been many decades since this type of ride has ever been built, and there can’t be that many people living who remember riding the originals. We wish the park well in getting it up and running before too long.

IanTour Transport Version 2!
Flying TurnsAdrian is obviously disappointed that Flying Turns has yet to open.
Flying TurnsNo wonder they're having problems - there's a lot of 'bits' left over!
ShadowThat's why we use so many memory cards! (me, and my shaaaddoow)
Day 03 Waldameer

Since our first visit a couple of years ago, the atmosphere and people in the park have gone from totally alien to very friendly, and the Ravine Flyer surpassed our expectations. The top coaster of the tour?

Ravine Flyer II 
Day 04 Holiday World

Legend had got better. Voyage turnaround rougher then previous visits. Raven as good as ever. The park has lost its ‘family run’ feel.

Holiday WorldA 'typical' nativity scene.
Holiday WorldEven more typical merchandise!
Holiday WorldEvery Christmas tree should have one!?
Day 05 Six Flags St. Louis

Being recognised by a ride op on Tony Hawks because of this website. Evil Knievel last hour a real blast. Superman drop tower seemed tame. A great day at the park as ever.

AdrianWonder Woman pulls!
Day 06 Six Flags Great America, Little Amerricka and Mt. Olympus

Queues and lack of riding at Six Flags with limited time. Little Amerricka another surprise and a great small park with some of the most friendly staff anywhere. Hades tunnels still as stunning as ever, but second half rougher than previously and Cyclops closed.

Six Flags8 flags over Six Flags!
AdrianOur candy-floss-less carousel shot - is the horse posing too?.
AdrianWhen in Rome.... (Chicago)......
Six Flags Great AmericaBusy Busy Busy
Day 07 Timber Falls & Mt. Olympus

Timber Falls - limited ‘unlimited’ ride passes? Mt Olympus – back seat on Zeus absolutely dreadful. Hades smoking up the lift hill and no staff particularly bothered.

CyclopsAt least they were trying to make things better...
Day 08 Valleyfair!

First rain of the trip but only for an hour. Wild thing as smooth as ever. Park nice & quite and padding and trims removed all airtime on High Roller. Superb last 90 minutes on Renegade and the best 2 coaster ride ops of the trip. Amazing rain at night at hotel.

AdrianCan you spot Adrian in the Renegade line?
Day 09 Nickelodeon Universe

More friendly and relaxed about photography than we thought they were going to be. Great way to start a day for a couple of hours.

AdrianSmoking area IN the car park?
Day 10 Worlds of Fun / Jeremy Reid's Coaster

Amazing setting for cabins in new park village at Worlds of Fun. Jeremy and the whole family treated us so special and it’s great to meet a fellow enthusiast who shows such passion in his creation, and deservedly so.

IanNo, we're not lost, we have the technology (just a problem using it!)
Day 11 Six Flags Over Texas

Good first and last hour on Titan. Texas Giant just awful. Park quieter than expected – this was a Saturday! – probably because of the heat, or the ride reliability, or the rude spitting teens, or the less than enthusiastic staff, or a combo of all of it. Great hospitality shown to us though.

SpeedoPhew - it's HOT!
Texas GiantWaiting for it to be completely re-tracked!
Six Flags Over TexasProfessional show then. School on Saturday?
AdrianThe alternative to a closed rapids ride.
Day 12 Kemah Boardwalk

The day we realised our ride at Waterville was not going to happen because of Hurricane Gustav and the goal to ride ‘all the woodies’ was off. Idyllic setting, coaster an odd mix of fast and slow, with an unnecessary delay in the return to the station. Birthday celebrations on the coaster delayed the start of our riding and we weren’t invited! Staff would not accept the tour certificate for whatever reason (we’ve since received a thank you email from the park).

Boardwalk BulletWe didn't see anyone choking on it!
Day 13 Sea World San Antonio

A last-minute storm-avoiding addition to the trip and a very rideable Steel Eel. Park was, again, unexpectedly empty but ride operations too ‘mechanical’ and no soul here.

Adrian and IanWe asked a park employee if they would mind taking our picture - all we got was a grunt, so we asked another park goer in the end!
Day 14 Photo Op at Joyland, Lubbock

8 hours driving and still in the same State, Texas!

WoodyWoody installed into the replacement car. Looks happy enough.
Car TransporterAfter a few attempts, Ian finally got the hang of driving on the other side of the road.
Day 15 Photo Op at Wonderland

Very cold day, a shock to the system after the heat of the Labor Day weekend.

CowsIntensive farming - anyone for a burger?
Day 16 Royal Gorge

Stunning location surpassed all expectations with a stunning Skycoaster. Other attractions were also very good. Best ‘home-made’ milkshakes of the trip.

Man in DiaperThis was used to advertise the ride when it opened.
AdrianWell, it's heavy!
Day 17 Park City & Celebration Centre

Park City very rough and ready, but a great stop off. Zip line looks better than it rides, mountain slide trough’s full of bugs, Alpine coaster better and faster than expected. Celebration Centre just amazing. Everything we had anticipated and them some, and then some more.

AdrianAdrian completes the last 15 feet of the zip line manually!
IanIan shows off his brown head.

The trip, even with missing Waterville USA, has been everything we have dreamed of. We’ve both said our first visits to the States were ‘holidays of a lifetime’, but this one truly was. It was great to be such an integral part of the national interstate re-building / re-surfacing program too!

Ian and AdrianThose Twinkies are something else! (well, they are now!) Sorry Carol.

It’s ‘living the dream’ to do a road trip across the USA, riding coasters as we go.