Total Timber Tour

Knoebel's Amusement Park & Resort, Elysburg, PA

Total Timber Tour Blog Day 2

85 miles drive west from hotel in Bethel, PA to Knoebel’s Amusement Park, located near Elysburg, PA.

WoodiePicked up a passenger en-route! - we'll call him Woodie!

Adrian had his usual jet-lag problems and was up and bouncing off the walls at 6am, so we hit the road and detoured to a Coaster Manufacture – Great Coasters International Inc. We were given a tour by ‘Dan Dan the Coaster Man’ – what a great guy, a fellow enthusiast with a very unique ‘boney-coaster’ tattoo and what he doesn’t know about lap-bar ratchets isn’t worth knowing.

AdrianDan Dan, The Coaster Man accepting a trip certificate at GCIi HQ

It was a short drive to spend 11 quality hours at Knoebel’s. This was originally on the itinerary for the new woodie to complete our trip – The Flying Turns, but we were well prepared before our arrival, knowing that the park is having teething problems with the design and it is rumoured not to be opening until the 2009 season now, so doesn’t impact on the Total Timber Tour (unless, of course, they open before September 9th!).

Flying TurnsFlying Turns

The park was VERY busy and lines for The Phoenix and Twister were long, so repeat riding was off right up to close at 10pm. It was a shame they were only running one train on Twister all day, and only using two trains on Phoenix for a few of hours late afternoon. Indeed, for the last hour or so, they had both trains cycling, but were only loading one (sending it for a dry-clean perhaps?)

Bollox PlatePersonal plates are more common in the US!

Ian had his best ride ever on Knoebel’s Flying Scooters – in parts true ‘flying’ with both cables slack!!!

IanIan and the 3D sign (in 2D)

Again a very hot cloudless day at one of America’s best traditional Amusement Parks. We wish them all the luck with the Flying Turns and getting those problems sorted out.

14 mile drive north-west to Danville, PA to hotel.