Total Timber Tour

Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington, TX

Total Timber Tour Blog Day 11

STOP PRESS – GUSTAV UPDATE - tomorrow (Sunday) we will make a decision to travel east as planned or head West on a detour. If we go west, we will fail the all wooden coasters purpose of the trip. The decision lies in the hands of the weather. If Gustav continues as predicted, it is unlikely Waterville will operate on Labor Day (Monday), a phone call from Kemah will confirm. Rest assured, we won’t be taking the decision lightly.

Hotel located 20 minutes from Six Flags over Texas in Arlington, between Fort Worth and Dallas, TX

Six Flags over TexasA view as you drive up to the park

Phew – What a Scorcher! Texas does everything bigger and better – including temperatures and humidity. Today was VERY humid and temperatures topped off at well into the 90’s.

Adrian Sharon and IanSharon Parker accepting the tour certificate on behalf of the park.
Tour CertificateWhat the certificates actually say!

Firstly, we have to say, we had a very enjoyable day at the park today and the park looked after us VERY well. Crowds were low, and only 3 of the slower people movers had lines over 20 minutes, with some, including Texas Giant, Batman and Titan virtual walk-on. We spent the first hour repeat riding Titan, circled the park, ticked off almost all the major attractions at least once, and then finished for a second hour-long repeat session on Titan at the end of the day. Just fantastic.

TitanTitan was our hero today.
Texas Giant and TitanTexas Giant & Titan

Now for Texas Giant. We’ve both visited the park before Ian twice, and Adrian 3 times. Adrian’s first visit was in 1995 with a coaster club. That time, the club was treated to a two-hour exclusive ride session, with breakfast provided on the station. The Giant was very re-rideable then. In 2003, we were both part of another tour when we were given the Giant an hour after closing (and a storm) and the Giant was flying and very re-rideable.

Texas Giant 

Well, this year it was in bad repair. A quick look at how dirty the trains were gave some clue to the lack of maintenance the ride is currently being given.

Texas Giant 

Adrian only had one go today and Ian decided to ride a second time in the back seat, a decision he regretted.

Texas Giant 

This coaster has good and bad seasons, that’s well recorded, but the pain on the riders’ faces and lack of smiles when returning to the station is quite sad for, what was once, the world’s top coaster.

AdrianAdrian the screamer...

While waiting for a ride on the Giant, we observed a ‘Six Flags’ moment, only they know how to do. A returning train had trapped 2 riders in their seats as the lap bars would not unlock. Any other park would have seen a ride op poking the side of the train with a manual release stick, but here maintenance had to be called to perform the operation. The next event was very funny.. ride ops are sporting a very bright day-glow yellow polo uniform this year – hi-viz green, the sort you see everywhere in the UK now, it’s not difficult to spot employees anywhere in the park.

Texas Giant 

Well, one of the Giant’s ops had to go and speak to the second train waiting in the brake-run for the release of riders on the station train and their safety guidelines had that operator cover his luminous green shirt with a non-reflective dull orange ‘safety vest’ and hard hat – just brilliant!

IanIan sunning his eyelids!

A few other park observations. The family atmosphere being created in other Six Flags parks around the States was not too much in evidence here – we witness spitting teens, line jumpers, and a guest wearing a t-shirt with the f word on it, and few employees smiling. A contrast to our previous visits to the park and it has lost its favourite Six Flags park status for us. We must reiterate though, this did not spoil our day in any way, and we left the park totally worn out – the sign of a good day at a park!

Mr Freeze and BatmanMr Freeze and Batman

51 mile drive to Hotel in Ennis, TX – just south of Dallas.