Total Timber Tour

Waldameer, Erie, PA

Total Timber Tour Blog Day 3

273 mile drive north-west from hotel in Danville, PA to Waldameer Park in Erie, PA. Erie is located at the top of Pennsylvania, on the banks of Lake Erie.


Ian’s first time driving in the States, on the right, a left-hand dive and automatic car! He’s taken to it like a duck to water but Adrian is taking longer to adjust!!

Adrian and IanJohn accepting the tour certificate on the behalf of the staff

Today we were well looked after by the staff at Waldameer and, of course, got to ride the reason for the visit – Ravine Flyer II. We visited this park a couple of years ago and, to be honest, couldn’t wait to leave, but this visit couldn’t have been more opposite – all the staff and park goers were very happy and friendly – we’ve completely revised our opinion of the park.

Ian and Adrian 

As for Ravine Flyer II – just amazing – totally out of control raw power from start to finish. It’s always special riding a new woodie in its first season before the ravages of bedding and maintenance take their toll, but we think this coaster is so close to the parks roots, they won’t be able to help themselves but keep I running in tip-top condition. This is going to re-write a lot of enthusiasts Top 5 lists this year and, we’re told, is having the desired impact on park visitor numbers. We would like to have stayed past 5pm to have ridden it in the dark, but now have the perfect excuse to return in the near future.

Ravine Flyer II 

Met up with some fellow enthusiasts from Connecticut who, by coincidence, also had 8 woodies to tick off to complete the set. A small world. Also reunited today with our old friend Betty Swollocks, great weather again, but very humid.

Ravine Flyer II 
Ravine Flyer II 

Drive south-west into Ohio and down to Columbus to hotel.