Total Timber Tour

Six Flags Great America, Gurnee, IL - Little Amerricka, Marshall, WI - Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Total Timber Tour Blog Day 6

AdrianShane from BBC Radio Derby had a mental picture of this - OK , so we do other rides too...

160 mile drive from hotel in Normal, Illinois north-east to Chicago and Six Flags Great America in Gurnee. The park is located 46 miles north of Chicago.

AdrianBrooke from Six Flags accepting the tour certificate on behalf of the park.

After such a great day at Six Flags St Louis with low crowds, today we went to the other extreme. Stopping by at Great America was routed as we had to do a small park for the tour tick list, so we scheduled a stop here. We thought a Monday at the end of the season with only limited opening hours and the water park closed they obviously weren’t expecting the park to be over busy. Well, the blue skies, zero humidity and 77 degrees brought the people to the park in their droves. By 11.45am, every queue line for all the coasters was full.

Six Flags Great America3 coasters at Six Flags Great America

We had planned to buy a flash pass (helps reduce waiting time for an up-charge) for this park, but by the time we had made it in, had a couple of rides and the penny dropped about how busy it was going to be, it was too late to commit the additional cost for, what would have been, 3 hours use. So, at 1.30pm, we cut our losses and headed onto the next park early. We must thank the park for such a warm welcome, and it wasn’t such a big deal as we have both been here twice before, and it didn’t effect the tour overall.

A short hop into Wisconsin north towards Milwaukee and a 110 mile drive north-west to Little Amerricka in Marshall, just east of Madison, WI.

Little AmerrickaLittle Amerricka

Arriving at a small family run park, Little Amerricka the early departure from Six Flags was a blessing in disguise. Our original plan was to pop in on the way to Wisconsin Dells, just to tick off the un-ridden woodie there, The Meteor. We’re so glad today turned out the way it did. This park is fantastic – nothing fancy, just good old American amusement tradition, lovingly wrapped by staff who care about it and their guests. We will definitely return to this park in the future to spend some more time there.

The MeteorThe Meteor
Adrian and Ian 
AdrianAnother blockbuster in the making.

1 hour north-west to Wisconsin Dells for Mount Olympus before it closed for the day. Squeezed in a couple of goes on Hades and Zeus before the park closed. More on the Wisconsin Dells area tomorrow as we have a full day here then.