USA 2014

Driving Day / Outlet Malls

USA 2014 Blog Day 11

Hi everyone... only a small blog today I’m afraid as not much to report on. Today was our relocation day so spent all day driving from last night’s hotel in the very North of Oklahoma right through the whole length of Oklahoma, and crossing the state border into Texas where we are for the next 3 days.

We stopped off in the morning to have a hearty breakfast in my favourite roadside restaurant IHOP (International House of Pancakes) which is similar to a Little Chef and do fantastic breakfasts / omelettes / pancakes / crepes etc. Went down a treat and set us up for the rest of the day.

Adrian fancied getting his head shaved to keep his Mohawk looking it’s best (can’t let his American fans down!) so during our next couple of hours driving we kept an eye out for a Barbers and found a little gem ‘The Ole Barber Shoppe’ which was due to close 15 minutes later, so we quickly dived in. I decided to have mine shaved as well so they slapped shaving foam all over our heads and get us a wet shave with a disposable razor! The staff were great and were full of conversation, and were really pleased us Brits had popped in as they are out in the middle of nowhere and only have their regular customers.

They recommended that we stop off at a sports clothing outlet on the way to the one we had already planned, and this proved to be good advice as we brought all our goodies there! Arrived at our hotel at 10pm after a quick supper in McDonalds! Will have more updates for you tomorrow...

Road TripThe start of our vey long journey to Texas
Road TripYou see some really random sights at the roadside!
IanJust what the doctor ordered
The Ole Barber ShoppeA real old fashioned barbers
AdrianThe high maintenance Mohawk
AdrianAdrian purchased even more Adidas clothes at yet another Adidas shop
IanWhilst I purchased an NTSC (Region A) Blu-Ray player