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Canada’s Wonderland

USA 2014 Blog Day 3

Hi everyone. Well our hotel in Toronto was only a 7 minute drive from Canada’s Wonderland so didn’t need to be one road until 9:15am, giving us time for a longer lie in and a full on hotel breakfast to set us up for the day. This is the furthest North we visit on the trip the sun was back out in all its glory...76 degrees all day. This is a big park and we were there for the full 12 hours 10am till 10pm.

POn entering the park we headed straight for their latest coaster Leviathan – classed as a Gigacoaster at 300+ feet high. We had high hopes for this ride and boy did it not disappoint. This coaster is big, extremely fast, smooth, and has bucket loads of nice floaty airtime. All 3 trains were running and the queues were constantly moving. We both agreed this is the best B&M coaster we have ridden. We spent the first couple of hours having a chilled out walk around the park to ride all the other attractions before the crowds arrived – which they did in their drones!

Adrian had a personal triumph by getting some queue jumpers sent to the back of the line by the ride operators ... snitch!!! Another new attraction for this season is Wonder Mountains Guardian – the world’s first interactive computer game ride. Having only opened a couple of weeks ago the queue has huge all day. We decided to ride at 7pm when it had reduced to an hour wait. Was it worth the wait ... yes on this occasion but not sure we’d queue that long for it ride though, and the jury’s out on whether this is classed as a coaster or not?

All in all this was a cracker of a day...chilled out, loads of rides, and fantastic weather. Couldn’t ask for more!

LeviathanA sign of a great coaster when all arms are in the air !
IanIan just after his first ride
Canada’s WonderlandJust inside the park entrance
Canada’s Wonderland 
Flight DeckFlight Deck
Mighty Canadian MinebusterMighty Canadian Minebuster
Wind SeekerWind Seeker (left)
Wild BeastWild Beast
Wonder Montain's GuardianWonder Montain's Guardian
Wonder Montain's Guardianand it's queue !
AdrianAdrian busy doing the trip videography
Dinosaurs AliveThe new 'Dinosaurs Alive' attraction (a $5 upcharge for non Platinum Pass holders !)
Dinosaurs AliveWhy on earth Cedar Fair have put this attraction in their parks is beyond us - this type of attraction became extinct 30 years ago !
Dinosaurs AliveYou kind of lose the effect of being in the Jurrasic era with the drinks machine !