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USA 2014 Blog Day 5

Good evening from Chicago! Well today was a non driving day as our hotel was only a 20 minute walk from the park, so after a hearty breakfast we had a brisk walk to the park and were actually the first 2 people to arrive at the entrance. We have already been to this park a few times, but had added it to our itinerary as their new coaster ‘Goliath’ billed as the world’s tallest, steepest, fastest wooden (debatable?) coaster was supposed to be open a week before our arrival. However, as we had been following the construction progress on their website, we knew it wasn’t going to be open in time for us as the opening date had been pushed back (a couple of times) to June 18...DOH !

Therefore, once the gates were opened our first stop was at 'X Flight' their Wing coaster that we had not ridden before (similar ride to Swarm at Thorpe Park). Decent enough ride but we’re not huge fans of this type of coaster as not particularly fast or thrilling. All the other rides in the park we have ridden before, so we went around and ticked off our favourites again. On Batman: The Ride, we had queued for about 45 minutes and were just about to board the front row when the person just getting off decided to throw up all over the seat...GROSS! The ride operator’s closed the ride whilst they cleaned it up, sent the empty train out for a spin dry, and then asked us get into that same seat for our ride - we were having none of it and refused to get on and waited for the 2nd train!

The park had opened at 10am and was closing to the public at 8pm, however as we had purchased season passes (with hassle but I won’t go into that story) we were able to stay in the park for a further 2 hours to ride Raging Bull and the Giant Drop ride...result! Another great day with more sunshine. The park staff including security were all very friendly and the park had a great atmosphere. Happy days...

Adrian and IanFirst in line (true enthusiasts!)
Six Flags Great America 
Six Flags Great AmericaView from the observation tower
Raging BullRaging Bull
Raging Bull 
Superman Ultimate FlightSuperman Ultimate Flight
American EagleThe American Eagle (racing both trains which is nice)
BatmanBatman: The Ride
X FlightX Flight
X Flight 
X FlightOnly just clears that small opening !
GoliathGoliath: Disappointing not to ride, so we'll just have to come back !
GoliathConstruction near completion
GoliathSending out the train for a test run
GoliathJust one of the inversions
AdrianAdrian: Hey...nice mohawk. Hey...nice coaster tattoo (well everyone else has been saying it since we arrived so thought I'd join in !!!)