Total Timber Tour 2

Wild Adventures, GA

Total Timber Tour 2 Blog Day 9

Still with us? Much appreciated. It’s great to know others are showing an interest in our holiday.

This morning we had a leisurely drive south to Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Georgia – arriving lunchtime. As the hotel breakfast area was full we were forced to have a Denny’s as an alternative – under duress you understand!

Road TripBusy Busy Busy

Arriving at the park at lunchtime we paced ourselves as the temperature quickly topped the upper 90’s accompanied by sultry humidity. They say a good storm clears the air but, unfortunately for us our storm was rubbish and didn’t clear anything but the car park. With lightning in the vicinity our riding time was put on hold for 3 hours all afternoon while the storm passed (nothing runs with lightning round about).

We have been to this park before but that was some time ago on a day excursion from an Orlando holiday. A lot of effort has gone into making the park look attractive and appealing but all this only works when complimented by good staff. It must be said that the staff today were fantastic. All enthusiastic, friendly and a credit to their employers. It proves that investment in machines alone might make a quick buck, but repeat business and success comes from customer satisfaction. Wild Adventures will never be an Orlando size park, but it doesn’t need to be. It does just what it says on the tin and does it very well.

So why have we left the park on a major high? Apart from the previous statements, there’s one word – Cheetah. We had planned the park as a natural stop on route from Myrtle Beach to Gulf Shores but leading up to the trip the Internet was abuzz with rumours their woodie had had some work to improve it. Well, we can report that the majority of the track has been completely replaced in the places it counts – the coaster rides as good as new. In fact, Adrian said this was the first day in his riding arsenal where he’s enjoyed any coaster running Gerstlauer rolling stock. So, with crowds light there was only one thing to do – ride, and ride again. Apart from a bit of filming (on-ride was permitted with care) the majority of the operating day was spent repeat riding Cheetah. In fact, we managed every other despatch for a 2-hour period – an SERT (Shared Exclusive Ride Time). Special mention to all the ride ops on Cheetah – you guys were great.

We can’t recommend Wild Adventures and Cheetah highly enough. If you’re on an Orlando holiday and want a change from the norm, it’s easily “do-able” as a day trip. You won’t be disappointed.

So this evening a drive through the Florida panhandle as we leave the relaxed and serene time they call “Eastern” and gain one hour transporting into the similar, but not to be confused, zone they call “Central”. Translated to English = extra hour in bed!

Until tomorrow....

Wild AdventuresPre-Storm "crowds"
Hang ManHang Man
Wild AdventuresThe latest attractiion - Viking Voyage. We rode this coaster when it lived at Celebration City in Branson, MO.
Adrian and Ian 
AdrianThe similarity to Arnie is uncanny!!
Wild Adventures 
Wild AdventuresThere's a storm a brewing...
Wild Adventures 
Wild Adventures 
AdrianPhew - still hot!
Wild AdventuresBeware - Puddle!
Wild AdventuresSorry - a bit too "touristy"