Total Timber Tour 2

Great Escape, NY

Total Timber Tour 2 Blog Day 2

Up with the lark this morning (if they have larks in America???) and on the road at 6.30am and the drive to the Great Escape was through torrential rain. This didn’t look like it was going to be a Great Day at the Great Escape!

However.... One thing the rain is good for is keeping the crowds away and this rain meant everyone stayed away apart from a handful of die-hard park goers!

When we arrived at the park just before opening, the rain eased off and we headed straight for the “world famous” Comet. With the track nicely wetted we had our first exclusive ride time – well us and two others on the other train! Yes, no guests and they were running 2 trains – brilliant.

As the morning went on the rained stopped. We did a quick circuit of all the other coasters in the park before another session on the Comet. A few extra guests turned up and after lunch, because the guests expected didn’t arrive, they changed to one-train operation which wasn’t a problem at all – never more than a train load of guests waiting at any one time. With the extra weight in the train, it was flying around. It’s great to see new wood all over the track – proof that this park cares about the piece of history it’s operating.

All in all a Great Day at the Great Escape. We had planned to stay until closing, but there was no need, so we took the opportunity to move onto the next hotel early and enjoy “proper” meal this evening – not a burger in sight!

Oh, and Ian’s first drive of the tour this afternoon. We’ve also lost the temperature from yesterday - currently 53F – now, how do you spell bbrruuugghhhh? Also, we still haven’t managed to get the tour details onto the car, as the doors need to be dry to apply – here’s watching the forecast.

Tomorrow it’s into Canada and our first visit to La Ronde.

Until tomorrow....

CometThe Comet
AdrianBusy Busy Busy................... NOT!
IanIan's happy!
Ianor Coaster 2 Coaster!
AdrianThe similarities are uncanny!
Great EscapeA new credit for us - this is the first time we've been there when it's open. Was it worth the wait?........ No.
Great EscapeA real ghost town.
Ian and AdrianTaking a well earned rest.