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Europe 2017 Blog Day 8

We’re back! Sorry for the delay but we’ve had a busy couple of days here at Europa Park, the biggest park on the trip hence two full days. After many years of people recommending the park we thought it was about time we tried it, and decided to make June 20th our first day here as what better way to celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary / 20 years together!

We decided to splash out a little and treat ourselves to a stay in one of the resort hotels as this also gave us the advantage of a ½ hour early entry into the park on both days before the public were allowed in. We had already decided to spend day 1 riding all the coasters and day 2 on the water rides / other attractions. As a bonus, our hotel room had a view overlooking the park and a fantastic sunset.

Day 1:
We entered the park at 08:15am and headed straight over to Blue Fire Megacoaster (a Mack launched multi inversions coaster) as this was one of the coasters included in the early ride time and also happens to be one of the 3 biggest coasters in the park. On heading over to the ride we were amazed at just how great the theming was in the park – on par with Universal Islands of Adventure in Orlando! We chose the front seat for the first ride of the day and boy what a great ride, really smooth from start to finish with some surprise elements. We ran to get straight back on but found that they had decided to add another train which took the ride out of action for the next 20 minutes which was really annoying as this was supposed to be the hotel guests early ride time – why had they not done this beforehand?

Next we headed over to their other 2 large coasters: Wodan Timbur Coaster – a really fast paced wooden coaster which gave an out of control ride and gave a real bang for its buck, followed by Silver Star – a steel Hyper Coaster (200ft +) which had lots of floating airtime, no braking, and a really smooth ride. This is a huge park and is divided into different European countries and themed accordingly, and has been done extremely well. The only thing we did find is that the park staff were not as friendly as we had found at the previous parks - maybe it was the heat and high humidity? The park itself was very busy but the queue lines were absolutely fine as there are so many rides and attractions here to accommodate everyone.

The remainder of the day was spent ticking off all the other coasters, getting our bearings, and taking some well needed drink breaks – phew what a scorcher! We also managed to squeeze in their latest attraction: Voletarium - a flying theatre experience (for our coaster mates – similar to Soaring over California) as we were told this would have the biggest queue, but although it actually only took us around 20 minutes ... still not really our cup of tea! We stayed until the 6:30pm closing and headed back to the hotel for a quick shower before heading back out to check out a couple of Hotels & Bars that had been recommended to us. How difficult can it be to order a pint of Cider and a Diet Coke – but that’s another story!

Day 2:
What a good start to the day, a good hearty full hot breakfast and the best we’ve had on the trip. Another early 08:15am entry into the park and this time a full ½ hour on the Blue Fire Megacoaster. Now for their 4 water rides: a Rapids, a Log Flume, a Boat Plunge/splash ride, and a water coaster. All great fun and got a nice soaking to cool down. No queue lines at all for these as it was too early in the day for most people to want to get wet. The park appeared to be considerably quieter today, so took full advantage and ticked off all we wanted to do, and took some time out to photo & video the park – we’ve certainly done some serious walking the last 2 days. Again we stayed until 6:30pm closing and hit the road to our next hotel. We love this park and can’t believe it took us so long to get here. Was it worth the wait ... absolutely and will definitely be coming back.

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